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      Welcome to Wise Sharp web  Today is2023-05-17 Wednesday
             ZhuHai Wise Sharp Technologies Limited is located in Yulong Industrial Area, Sanzao Town, Zhuhai City. Wise Sharp company professionally produces FPC and FPCA. The major products of Wise Sharp company includes singe sided、double sided and multi-layers PCBs, as well as hard-flexible combined PCB. Annual production capacity is 200 thousand square meters.The Wise Sharp team has the combination skills of sales, management, techniques, production and quality control ability.
             The company spirits are safety, quality, delivery and cost. We come up with the concept of“the next process is our customer” based on the company spirits. Our principle for work is“greater, faster, better, and more cost efficient”. Our ethic for people is emulation, learning, catching up with and helping each other. Refinement, sharing and return are what we practice for the company culture, which ensures the company developing in a steady pace. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other management system certifications. The company products are UL certified. Our UL number is :E255846.
             6S site management system is implemented in the entire company. The TQM and QCC quality management activities are also executed. Strive for excellence, continuous improvement, customer centered, and supplier and customer development are all working in harmony in the Wish Sharp system.

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